Twin city relationships
Our twin city relationships

At present, Budaörs has four twin cities, as well as ongoing cooperation with Pula in matters related to education, economy and culture.


The declaration of intention of cooperation was signed in the city of Pula on 31 May 2008. In addition to education and cultural matters, cooperation covers economy as well. This year, Pula's exceedingly rich cultural events were further enhanced by the performance of the Budaörs Wind-Band.


Upon initiation of the Greek Minority Municipality of Budaörs, the twin city agreement was signed in September 1997. Except for major meetings, relationships are maintained by the Minority Municipality.


The mayors of these settlements signed a twin city agreement on 1 May 1999. Due to administration-related difficulties, relationships have recently been less intensive than with other twin cities. Budaörs has regularly been invited to Magyarkanizsa's traditional fishing competition. At present, an administrative-professional cooperation is taking shape.


The twin city agreement was ceremonially signed by Bretzfeld, Germany and Budaörs in 1989. This city was not chosen by random as the majority of families expelled from Budaörs following World War II settled around Bretzfeld. In addition to cultural and education relationships, our cooperation works very well in the area of public administration and economy.

A number of our cultural associations have already visited Bretzfeld, and the Gyula Illyés Grammar School maintains regular contacts with the educational institution in Bretzfeld (student exchange programme).
The tenth and fifteenth anniversary of our relationship was made memorable through large-scale festivities.
Bretzfeld's traditional event is the Kiritog (traditional Budaörs farewell party).


Signature of the twin city agreement by Kisújfalu and Budaörs in December 1997.
The agreement was signed by Tamás Wittinghoff, Mayor of Budaörs and Róbert Kis, Mayor of Kisújfalu, in the presence of György Nagy, Vice Mayor and Miklós Duray, Member of the Parliament.
In the course of the expelling from Kisújfalu, approximately twenty families were deported to Budaörs.
Our cooperation is very comprehensive but educational and cultural relationships stand out.
Important events: Wine Tasting and Wine Competition, Village Day, Vine-Harvest Feast, theatre performances (Budaörsi Játékszín)
Budaörs regularly receives children from Kisújfalu in summer camps.
Within the framework of an EU tender won jointly: „Budaörs and Kisújfalu - a new model of environment protection", student conferences and exhibitions are held.