Greetings from the Mayor

 Welcome, Dear Readers,

Budaörs is a small city situated in a picturesque environment, at the southern edge of the Buda Hills and offers a harmonic combination of widely recognised works of contemporary architecture, breath-taking natural surroundings and monuments of our historical past. The city's commercial district is adjacent to the joint section of motorways M1 and M7, linking the capital with Vienna and the Lake Balaton, respectively, and, for this reason, Budaörs can be called the western gate of its immediate neighbour, Budapest. You can reach our city from the capital in a matter of minutes via public road and mass transport alike.

If you look down from naturally beautiful Kőhegy, a favourite target of Budaörs trips, you can see under your feet the picturesque streets of the Old Town, the wine cellars evoking the past, the Calvary Hill with the renovated stations of the Cross and the Baroque catholic church built 200 years ago and looking far away. Olden, carved gravestones with Gothic crosses preserve our past of German ethnicity in the Old Cemetery. Our Municipality does its best to make the housing estate more friendly by establishing flowery parks and spacious playgrounds and renovating the houses. Suburban parts of our settlement are gaining popularity with those who wish to live in a pleasant, calm environment after the turmoil of the metropolis.

Budaörs became a city in 1986 and, following the change of the system in 1989, started to develop dynamically. By 2007, it was qualified as the most developed settlement of all in the country by the Central Statistics Office. In the course of their comparison, they considered 17 aspects from the existence of public utilities to unemployment rate to the number of enterprises per inhabitant.

Budaörs won the title of „The most entrepreneur-friendly city" in 2005 and surveys conducted in 2009 showed the highest purchasing power in the country here.

Inhabitants of surrounding settlements also like using services of our commercial centres. In addition to the wide range of offerings of shopping centres, our industrial park offers sites to a number of enterprises. Our city's strategic direction for the coming period is the increasing settlement of innovative companies and the increase of the proportion of R&D.

It is our Municipality's priority to support its network of institutions - all forms of social provisions have been established in the city and our educational institutions' performance earns them places in the top of the country.

Our body of representatives considers it one of their major tasks to ensure that Budaörs is an agreeable place to live for its citizens whose number will soon exceed 30 thousand, and - at the same time - to offer an increasing number of sights and experiences to visitors.

The website of the city offers varied and up-to-date information to inhabitants, visitors and those wishing to invest.

Be our guests, visit us as often as possible - both virtually and actually!

Tamás Wittinghoff