Investment opportunities
Thermal spring next to Hosszúréti Stream

In the area of the City of Budaörs, right next to the Hosszúréti Recreational Park a spring with a yield of almost one thousand litres of 46 °C thermal water per minute was discovered. Permits required for the exploitation of this thermal water were obtained by a company owned in 100% by the Municipality of the City of Budaörs.
We intend to implement a recreational and rest zone based on this thermal water that meets modern expectations and satisfies demands of local, domestic and foreign visitors alike and, in connection with this, a medical and bathing complex, as well as a park offering other, supplementary services could be established as well. Those looking for recreation could find a pleasant environment where they could use services helping them preserve their health and regenerate, as well as enabling them to spend their free time actively, doing sports. Meanwhile, they could enjoy the hospitality of the City of Budaörs and experience the offerings of nearby Budapest.

We have been contacted by numerous entities wishing to utilise the thermal water discovered in the area of our city, however, the Municipality of the City of Budaörs intends to offer this opportunity in a targeted manner, to investors with outstanding qualities.

Data • 46 °C · Yield: 1000 l/minute • Permits of exploitation available

Characteristics of the water
• Based on laboratory analyses, the water sample is fluoride-containing thermal water with a low proportion of solved substances and characterised by calcium, Epsom salts and bicarbonate. It has a significant iron content and pertains to Grade A (gas-free) according to its total methane content.
• A procedure has been launched to qualify this thermal water as medicinal water (???), and it is very likely to obtain this qualification once the official procedure is finished.

Location of the investment area
Variant A
The cluster of lots with respective lot numbers of Budaörs 083/5, 083/6 and 086 and a total area of 72.338 m2 is located in the western part of Budaörs, in the neighbourhood of the residential zone, along the southern side of the Budaörs hills. The thermal spring is located at a distance of approximately 10 km from this area. It is surrounded by the Csiki Recreational Park in the north, an industrial park in the west, the residential zone in the east and Motorway M1 in the south. The area is very easy to access.

Variant B
An area consisting of the lots number Budaörs 093 and 095, located south-west to the Törökugrató, Budaörs and south to the motorway, with a total area of approximately 35 hectares, of which a total of 28.087 m2 is public road and at a distance of about 6 km from the thermal spring. It is surrounded by the motorway in the north, an unbuilt area in the west, an area with orchards pertaining to Törökbálint in the south and a trunk road leading from the Törökbálint junction of the motorway to Törökbálint in the east. The area is very easy to access from the motorway through the trunk road leading to Törökbálint.

Benefits • Agreeable environment • Easy to access • Complex range of services • Vicinity of the capital